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dirk is not a morning person


dirk is not a morning person

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An Ordinary Girl with a Super High School Level Brother


Turtle dances while showering. [video]


Turtle dances while showering. [video]

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Everyone, you realize what this means, right?

Caliborn, as Lord English, is just cosplaying his OC.

The OC that he stole, from fanart someone drew.

Fanart that is wearing that coat, because it was seen in the Felt Intermission.

Let that sink in for a moment. Homestuck has actually established a closed paradox loop OUTSIDE OF THE COMIC PROPER.


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Final Fantasy XV - PlayStation Edition - 3D Sketchfab view (link)
Noctis (link), Prompto and Gladiolus (link), Ignis and Cor (link), the Car (link)

Since I do not keep up with story heavy games prior to release, all that I know mostly comes from the recent trailer (youtube link), so the fake description is obviously for laughs; I personally can’t wait for FFXV…actually I can, Smash Bros comes out tomorrow >->

Fake Description: Noctis and his best buds are all big J-Rock fans, so when they hear that their favorite group is playing in the neighboring Kingdom, they jack his dad’s car and go on an impulse road trip! Giants monsters, guards, even bigger monsters: nothing will stop them from reaching their destination on time!  They might also overthrow an evil empire, save Noctis’ not-girlfriend, and maybe the world too…as long as they don’t miss the opening act.

Final Fantasy 15 has been in the works for so long, any fake reason I could come up with would probably have some truth to it: creative differences, lack of vision, technical limitations, corporate business meddling, etc. At least its has a demo announced :P

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~

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